Armenia - Holidays


In Armenia, there are few holidays, covered with such spirit of mischief and childishness, as Vardavar. Despite its serious origin (a holiday is the church one, and it is called the Transfiguration of the Lord), Vardavar is considered the funny and amusing holiday, because the main rite of this day is the sprinkling water on everything and everyone!


Young and old, rich and poor poured water on each other, at that not resisting and not offending at all!

Vardavar is celebrated 98 days after Easter and always falls on hot summer months. Therefore, dousing is more than urgently at this time. Especially that according to legend, the water is endowed with healing power on this day.

The history of this funny custom is in the pagan roots of ancient Armenia and is connected with the two legends.

According to the first legend, the goddess of love and beauty Astghik poured everyone with the rose-water, spreading the love.

The second parable says, the holiday occurred in the honor of victory over evil rich man, who prohibited people to use water.

Hence the "vard" means "water”," var” means "to wash with water". Also on this day it is customary to cook meals and visit relatives and friends.

Winter holidays

31 December: New Year’s Day
6 January: Christmas and Easter
21 January: St. Sarkis Day
28 January: Army Day
14 February: Terendez
15 February: Vardanank
19 February: Day of gift of books

Spring Holidays

8 March: International Woman’s Day
7 April: The holiday of Maternity and Beauty
24 Apri: lMemory Day of Victims of Genocide
1 May: Labor Day
8 May: Yerkap Day
9 May: The Holiday of Victory and Peace
28 May: The Day of FirstRepublic

Summer Holidays

The Holiday of Holy Etchmiazdin
5 July: Constitution Day
11 August: Nawasard

Automn Holidays

21 September: Independence Day
11 October: YerevanCity Day
7 November: National Holiday of Wine