Geography of Armenia

Armenia geography is blessed with endless natural treasure. The Armenian Territory stands in the heart of the southern Transcaucasus in Eurasia. Ararat Valley with its undulating landscape is the most prominent feature of Armenia geography.


Armenia - Government and Politics

The Republic of Armenia declared its sovereignty on August 23, 1990, and became an independent state a year later, on September 23, 1991. In October 1991, Levon Ter-Petrosian, who had been elected democratically as chairman of the Armenian Supreme Soviet under the Soviet system in 1990, was chosen president of the republic in a six-candidate election.


Armenia - Holidays

In Armenia, there are few holidays, covered with such spirit of mischief and childishness, as Vardavar. Despite its serious origin (a holiday is the church one, and it is called the Transfiguration of the Lord), Vardavar is considered the funny and amusing holiday, because the main rite of this day is the sprinkling water on everything and everyone!