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Culture of Kenya


The tribal diversity of Kenya, its history of migration, its colonial legacy and the presence of a large Asian community, have given rise to a variety of fascinating customs and traditions.


The Kisii tribes’ practice of trepanning (drilling a hole in the skull to cure mental illness) is as much a part of this diversity, as is the multi-ethnic composition of the Kenyan cricket team. 

The big event in the Kenyan annual calendar is the Safari Rally, which begins and ends in Nairobi.

Local crafts that are worth picking up are—Kisii soapstones and soapstone carvings including chess sets, kiondo baskets, batik cloth, silver jewellery, carved wood including Makonde carving originating from Tanzania, and kangas—women’s wraparound skirts with beautiful patterns, and often Kenyan proverbs printed on them. 

Men’s loincloths are called kikois, and are available especially cheap along the coast. Visits to local markets, like the Masai market on Moi Avenue in Nairobi, are also thoroughly recommended, for picking up unusual tribal souvenirs like carved gourds.