Kenyan Drinks


Although modern drinks such as fruit juices, canned energy drinks and international soft drinks are accessible and affordable, there are traditional drinks that are served in Kenya.


Uji - Porridge made from grounded millet or sorghum. Grounded amaranth, groundnuts, pumpkin seeds, fish fillets etc., are mixed in to enhance nutrients and taste.

Mursik - Originally from the Kalenjin community, it is made from fermented milk mixed with ground charcoal and special roots.

Madafu - Fresh coconut milk. Popular at the coast.

Wines - Often imported from- France, Italy, Chile, South Africa

Beer - Other than international brands, there are numerous local brand of beers, the most popular being Tusker beer.

Spirits - Local and international brands.

Local Brews - Popular in rural areas and among the urban poor, local brews include Mnazi; made from sap of coconut trees, Muratina; made from honey, Busaa; fermented barley, millet and maize, changaa and Mongare.

Especially in rural areas, excessive use of alcohol and consumption by minors is considered immoral and disrespectful.

The legal drinking age is 18.