Festivals in Kenya

Festivals in Kenya
Kenya is a paradise for any traveler. Abundant with rich natural features like warm silver beaches and diverse wildlife, the local Kenyan culture and customs also hold your fascination.


Africa being the cradle of humanity, you can witness the culture of the local tribes and population of Kenya which have evolved over thousands of years. The colorful festival, rustic customs and unique lifestyle will form an integral part of the experience.

The Kenya Tourism Week is undoubtedly the biggest tourism related festival in the country. Held during the end of September every year, this state sponsored festival promotes tourism in the region. There are special packages and discounts offered by hotels and resorts and the visitors to Kenya are given special offers like free trips, dinner parties, Game Park visit and clean up, and dinner extravaganza during the festival.

Another major festival in Kenya is the Ferodo Concours d’elegance. Held in the Nairobi race course, in close proximity to the Nairobi city center, this is a car rally where the vehicles are checked for their beauty. You can get to see elegant vintage cars as well as state of the art modern vehicles here. The car show is accompanied by whole day of fun and festivities like face painting, magic shows and some fabulous local food.

To get a taste of the age old customs in Kenya, you can visit during the Dugong Festival and the Lamu Donkey Racing. Held in the beautiful old stone town of Lamu, the locals race their main mode of transportation in the area, their pride and joy, their donkeys. Similarly the Nairobi and Mombassa Carnivals in early November will give you a peek into the colorful life of the local people. Rated as the best festival by many backpackers; witnessing these rustic lifestyle and custom will give your travel to Kenya a unique flavor.