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Population Of Paraguay


Paraguay population, as recorded in 1983, was 5, 291, 020. The group between 15 - 64 years made the majority, comprising 56% of the entire population. The children between 0 - 14 years accounted for 39% of the population.


The people of 65 years and over constituted 5 % of the entire population of Paraguay. However, population in Paraguay is on a steady rise with a healthy growth rate of over 2.5 % a year. The high birth rate of 32.21/1000 and the low death rate of 5.29/1000 speak highly for the improved health condition of the country. The fertility rate is 4.26 children/woman.

Present day Paraguay population largely comprise mestizos, who make up for 95 % of the total population. Whites and unmixed Amerindians constitute 5 % of the remaining population. Spanish is the official language, although Guarani continues to be spoken in some parts of the country.

Christianity is almost universally followed in Paraguay. Roman Catholicism is followed by 90 % of the population, whereas Mennonite and other Protestant groups account for the remaining 10 %. Literacy rate is high in Paraguay, where more than 92 % of the total population are literate. The people in Paraguay maintain a healthy sex ration, with 1.05 males per female.