Religion in Paraguay

The religious identities of the people of Paraguay, or Religion in Paraguay for short, have since national independence been oriented towards the Christian faith, and specifically the Roman Catholic Church. In the most recent census (2002), Paraguayans of all ages 10 and older had their religious identities enumerated, and 89.6% were classified as Catholics.


Population Of Paraguay

Paraguay population, as recorded in 1983, was 5, 291, 020. The group between 15 - 64 years made the majority, comprising 56% of the entire population. The children between 0 - 14 years accounted for 39% of the population.


Natural and cultural landmarks of Paraguay

Forests are subtropical and tropical as the climate is very humid and the animals are typical of this zone - jaguar, South American tapir, monkeys, peccaries, anteaters and armadillos. Reserve Gran Chaco is located in four countries - Argentina, Brazil tourist attractions, Bolivia, and of course in central Paraguay.