Education System in Paraguay

Education has not always received the recognition it deserves in Paraguay. These days this is changing as political stability returns, although the poorer children in more rural areas still are not reached by the same opportunities, especially in terms of hours per day at school. As a result 10% to 15% of them are still illiterate. The 6 years of primary school start nominally at age 7, and education is mandatory through to age 14.


Natural and cultural landmarks of Paraguay

Forests are subtropical and tropical as the climate is very humid and the animals are typical of this zone - jaguar, South American tapir, monkeys, peccaries, anteaters and armadillos. Reserve Gran Chaco is located in four countries - Argentina, Brazil tourist attractions, Bolivia, and of course in central Paraguay.


Water source of Paraguay

The Río Paraguay has a total course of 2600 km, 2300 km of which are navigable and 1200 km of which either border on or pass through Paraguay.