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Consulates in French Guiana


Australian, British, Canadian, US, and EU citizens do not need visas for a trip to French Guiana as a tourist and providing you have proof of a return ticket, you can stay in the territory for up to three months. You must possess yellow fever vaccination certificate and your passport must be valid for at least three months post-travel. No other shots are required, athough protection against endemic diseases is always ideal.

British Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-31-10-34
Suriname Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-28-21-60
Italian Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-33-17-01
Danish Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-38-05-38
Brazilian Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-29-60-10
Barbados Consulate, Cayenne: +594-594-31-10-34


Emergency: 112 or 15
Police Department: 112 or 17
Fire Department: 112 or 18