Education System in French Guiana

Education System in French Guiana
Education in French Guiana is compulsory for all children between ages 6 and 16, and the medium of tuition is French because the country is an overseas department of France. Enrollment at primary school which lasts for 5 years is almost 100%, except for in remoter rural areas where facilities are sometimes sparse.


Middle Education

The second phase of mandatory education takes place at middle school for 4 years. Completion of a standardized academic curriculum leads to the award of a brevet de collage diploma. For many students this marks their end of their school career.

Secondary Education

Some students decide to study for a further 3 years at secondary school in pursuit of a baccalaureat certificate. This is necessary if they wish to continue with their education at tertiary level.

Vocational Education

Vocational education is the responsibility of the department of work, employment and educational training which sets standards. Most practical applications are outsourced.

Tertiary Education

French Guiana EducationFrench Guiana is not well supplied with tertiary education institutions, although there are colleges for teacher training and agriculture. 

The sole university is the Universite Antilles-Guyane that has campuses in Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana itself, and is illustrated here. It has faculties of agriculture & forestry, health sciences, natural sciences, sociology, and technology, and offers bachelor's and masters degrees.