French Guiana Food


The French Guiana food is a blend of different cuisines ranging from Indonesian to Chinese to Vietnamese to French to Spanish.


Typical French Guiana food will necessarily contain seafood as there is plenty of fish available from the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Also, you will find a lot of vegetables and fruits that are constantly used in French Guiana food.Other ingredients that are used in French Guiana food include spices and hot peppers.

Incidentally, the hot pepper that is known as Cayenne is named after the capital of French Guiana. It is quite common to get dishes that are mixed. Curries and fricassees are quite common across the country.

Due to its location and being a French territory, French Guiana food is quite diverse. The different cuisines have been perfectly blended to give dishes that are very delicious and mouthwatering.

Some of the specialties that you should taste when visiting French Guiana are bouillon d'aura, which is a blend of crab, prawns, smoked fish, chicken, vegetables and aurora fruit; and fricassee, which is rice, beans and game meat. Some of the game meat that is consumed commonly in French Guiana includes paca, peccary and tapir. Of course, no French Guiana food is complete unless you drink Ti Punch, which is a type of cocktail made from rum, lime and sugarcane syrup.

Traditional French Guiana food eaten during festivals and holidays include roti, which is a type of fried bread, curries, chicken stew and fish fillets. One dessert that is commonly consumed during holidays and festivities is a custard-style dessert with fruit, or vanilla filling.