Argentine Cuisine


Before European explorers ever set foot in Argentina, it was occupied by Native Indians. Settlers from Spain didn't arrive until 1536 and it wasn't until 1880 and 1890 that the immigration population boomed to nearly one million. Most of the immigrants came from Italy and Spain, which might explain the introduction of foods such as pizza and pasta. Immigrants of British, German and Jewish descent also brought their cooking styles and family favorites along with them. For instance, the British brought tea with them and so began the "tea time" tradition.


The typical Argentine food diet contains lots of protein, especially in the form of beef. Many meals include grilled meat and it's very common to find steak and beef ribs in many recipes. Patagonia features lots of lamb and goat recipes. Many snacks and sandwiches include breaded and fried meat. It's also common to find lots of vegetables and salads in the Argentine diet including onions, lettuce, zucchini, eggplants and tomatoes. 

For breakfast, it's not uncommon to find some kind of bread with jam and coffee. Many of the working people who live in cities choose to eat small lunches such as cafeteria pizza, but the upper class families often have large lunches that include green vegetables, meat and potatoes. 

Late afternoon features a snack of sandwiches, cake and tea. This is considered to be "tea time" and was brought to the country by British Immigrants in the late 1800's. Common dinner times are late in the evening, often around 9 p.m.

 Popular Dishes in Argentina

Tortilla de patatas - This favorite meal is an egg omelet and fried potatoes. It will often contain onions.

Carbonada Criolla - Stew with Meat, Vegetables, and Fruit.

Polenta - Made of boiled cornmeal, this is a common food found in Argentina.

Churros - These are delightful snacks that are pastry based and often made of potato dough.

Empanada - This is made when dough or bread is folded over a stuffing that is usually meat and vegetables.

Dulce de membrillo - This is a favorite sweet that is made out of sugar, water, and quince fruit and then cooked slowly.

Bocaditos - Often served with tea, these are small sandwiches that have cucumber, shrimp, tomatoes and cream cheese.

Milanesa - This is a meal that is made of a thin slice of veal, chicken or beef and dipped into eggs that have been beaten and seasoned and then fried.

Dulce de batata - An Argentine dessert that is rich in tradition, it is made out of sweet potatoes and is like jelly.

Sandwiches de miga - These popular sandwiches are double layered with thin meat, cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, eggs and lettuce and can be found untoasted or toasted.