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Administrative division of Argentina


Argentina is subdivided into twenty-three provinces (Spanish: provincias, singular provincia) and one autonomous city (ciudad autónoma), Buenos Aires, which is the federal capital of the nation (Spanish: Capital Federal) as decided by Congress. The provinces and the capital have their own constitutions, but exist under a federal system.


Argentina is divided into seven main geographical regions; many provinces have their territories spanning across more than one.

  1. Northwest (Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán, Catamarca, La Rioja)
  2. Mesopotamia (Misiones, Entre Ríos, Corrientes)
  3. Gran Chaco (Formosa, Chaco, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán)
  4. Sierras Pampeanas (Córdoba, San Luis)
  5. Cuyo (La Rioja, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis)
  6. Pampas (Córdoba, Santa Fe, La Pampa, Buenos Aires)
  7. Patagonia (Rio Negro, Neuquén, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego)