Medicine in the different countries

Tonga Health Care and Vaccinations

The government provides comprehensive medical and dental facilities for residents and visitors. There are hospitals in Vaiola (Tongatapu), Hihifo (Ha'apai) and Neiafu (Vava'u), which will treat minor ailments and dispense medicines.

Healthcare in Ukraine

The standard of healthcare in Ukraine is extremely neglected with a severe lack of medical facilities and medicines. Some of the medical staff are highly trained, but some have only completed half of the training required. The healthcare is in an extremely poor state.

Healthcare in Latvia

Latvia has a low standard of compulsory state funded healthcare. Many public health buildings need refurbishment, reconstruction and more advanced equipment. Healthcare is available to all citizens and registered long-term residents Private healthcare is also available in the country.

Health in Kenya

Nurses treat 80% of the population who visit dispensaries, health centres and private clinics in rural and under-served urban areas. Complicated cases are referred to clinical officers, medical officers and consultants (specialists).

Health in Cameroon

The Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon is responsible for the maintenance of all public health services. Many missionaries maintain health and leprosy centers.

Health in Cape Verde

Health care in Cape Verde is limited, as medical facilities and some medicines are in short supply or unavailable. There are hospitals in Praia, Mindelo and São Filipe on the island of Fogo, with smaller medical facilities in other places.

Health in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country that has been fighting against many diseases, some of which are incurable due to their poor health care system.

Healthcare in Zambia

The general state of healthcare in Zambia is poor. Although there are adequate private health facilities in Lusaka, the public health system remains heavily underfunded, and many expats requiring serious medical attention will find themselves evacuated to another country, such as South Africa, where there are better medical facilities. It’s essential that expats have a comprehensive health insurance policy before moving to Zambia.

Samoa Health Care and Vaccinations

Health insurance, while recommended, is not mandatory. All health services available to locals are accessible to foreigners usually at minimal cost to the traveller. Emergency medical facilities are available at Moto'otua Hospital, in Apia. Private medical and dental treatment is also available.

Papua New Guinea Health Care and Vaccinations

The main hospitals are Port Moresby General (Papuan region), Goroka Base (Highlands) and Angau Memorial. Visitors can use any of the private doctors or public consultation clinics. Doctors and hospitals are not free and often expect immediate payment for medical services.

Cook Islands Health Care and Vaccinations

Comprehensive travel insurance is recommended. There is one government hospital (on Rarotonga).

New Caledonia Health Care and Vaccinations

New Caledonia offers a wide range of efficient medical services in both public and private hospitals, and an adequate selection of chemists. Hotels can generally recommend an English-speaking doctor or dentist. However more serious cases may require evacuation to France or Australia. Health insurance is advised.

Health care in New Zealand

To benefit from the public health system in New Zealand, you must hold a permanent resident visa, be resident of the country or hold a work permit of two years at the time of application. To check your eligibility, please take the test on the New Zealand Ministry of Health website. If you do not meet these requirements, you have to take out a private health insurance in New Zealand or an insurance for expatriates before departure. If you need an expatriate health insurance, ask for a free quotation online!

Nauru Health Care and Vaccinations

Nauru has two hospitals - Nauru General Hospital and Nauru Phosphate Corporation Hospital. There are no medical specialists, and serious or complicated cases are sent by air to Australia for treatment. Travellers are advised to take out full health insurance prior to departure.

Health care in Federated States of Micronesia

FSM citizens enjoy a level of health care which is high in comparison to the rest of the Pacific Region, thanks largely to the focus on this area by the US during the Trusteeship. Under the Compact, FSM Governments have maintained that standard, as indicated by current mortality statistics.