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Language and population of Portugal


Portugal is a fairly homogeneous country linguistically and religiously. Ethnically, the Portuguese people are mainly a combination of Roman Iberian Hispanics (people from Hispania), Celtic tribes, Lusitanians and others, with a fair amount of Roman, Germanic (Visigoths and Suevi) and some minor elements, essentially Arab-Berbers, and Jews.


Furthermore the demographic development is characterized by three trends: increasing longevity, decreasing birth rates and an increasing percentage of population from foreign extraction.

Today, many Eastern Europeans (especially Ukrainians, Moldovans, Romanians and Russians), as well as Brazilians, are making Portugal their home.

Portuguese is spoken throughout the country, with only the villages of Miranda do Douro\'s Mirandese language recognised as a locally co-official language.

As of 2010 Portugal had 10,735,765 inhabitants.