The National Drink - Coffee


The National drink of Portugal is, Coffee, not the weak muddy water that is drunk in other countries but an intensely strong caffeine shot that gives tourists first the shakes then prevents them from sleeping during the night.


The most common form of coffee is called a Bica this is the equivalent of an European espresso and is drunk by the majority of Portuguese after meals and throughout the day.

The Bica is very bitter and is served with (usually) with two packs of serving sugar – often both backs are needed to counteract the bitter flavour. The price of a Bica ranges from ?0.6-1.0.

A Galao is a much larger milky coffee; the same intense shot of espresso used in a Bica is then diluted down with milk.

These drinks are prepared by steaming the glass and adding only mildly warm milk often the glass feels incredibly hot to the touch while the drink is at the perfect temperature to drink.

The half size Galao is called a Meia de leite this is the suggested drink for tourists new to the dangers of Mediterranean espresso drinks and is actual a refreshing drink in the middle of a long sightseeing day.

Garoto is mostly milk and a favourite for children. It is made like a Galao but the coffee has been run through the espresso machine twice. A glass of tap water can be requested in all cafés while ordering a coffee and is provided for free.