Religions in Moldova

Religions in Moldova
The Republic of Moldova mainly comprises representatives of Christianity. The majority adheres to the Orthodox Church, which incorporates almost 95% of the entire population of the country.


They dispose of 1034 churches, 36 monasteries and 7 hermitages with approximately 5000 priests, deacons, curates, etc. The head of the Orthodox Church of Moldova (Moldova’s Metropolitan) is His Grace Vladimir, the Metropolitan of Chisinau and all Moldova.

The church is subdivided into 4 dioceses: Chisinau, Edinet and Briceni, Cahul and Lapusna, Dubasari and Tiraspol. An office of locum tenens operates in the city of Balti.

The religious personnel is mainly trained within the Chisinau Theological Academy, Theological Seminary (“Noul Neamt Monastery”, in Chitcani), the Spiritual Lyceum for girls (Suruceni Monastery), the Spiritual Lyceum for boys (“Nasterea Domnului” Monastery, in Zabriceni).

The Constitution of the Republic of Moldova guarantees the religious freedom of its citizens (art. 31).

Each citizen has the right to share any religion, individually or in group, to spread this faith, to exercise their cult either in a private or public, as long as it does not contradict the Constitution and the law in force.