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Moldova Currency


Over the years, the economy of Moldova is has developed to a great extent. The economy of the country is mainly based on the agricultural goods. The Moldovan currency code is MDL or Moldovan leu.


The Moldova money is available in denominations of the currency leu like five hundred, two hundred, hundred fifty, twenty, ten, five and one.

The coins also are accessible in the following pattern but in bani like fifty, twenty five, ten, five and one. Leu is equal to hundred bani.

The foreign currencies are obtainable from various hotels and bureaux de change. The Moldova currency is available from the three ATMs of the country.

By using your Visa cards you can easily get the local currency from the ATMs in Chinsua. Most of the banks in Moldova do not accept credit cards but there are few where this facility is available.

The cheques of the travelers are not usually accepted in the banks of Moldova but there is exception too.

There is no restriction in import of foreign currency as well as the export of local money.

Though the currency of Moldova has gradually become stronger than the US dollars but this is just a matter of time.

In Moldova, few banks and bureaux de exchange are also open on Saturdays and Sundays. This facility helps the tourists immensely.

On usual days, the banks open from nine in the morning and are closed down at six in the evening.