Latvian Culture

The culture of Latvia is as colorful as its' past, having been influenced by various civilizations since ancient times. Local Latvian Pagan heritage has survived over millennia, with German missionary knights introduced Christianity to the territory of Latvia in the 13th century. These enduring Pagan customs combined with common Christian traditions and rituals are two distinct characteristics of Latvian culture today.


Currency & money in Latvia

he official currency of the Latvian Government is the Latvian LAT. There are three abbreviations that are commonly used. They are (LS), (LVL) and sometime (LAT or LATS).

The Euro is used for hotel, apartment and real estate pricing and for most apartment rental transactions. The US Dollar is being used less and less.


National Holidays

Festivities to celebrate the New Year begin in the evening of December 31 In recent years, both the President and Prime Minister address the people on national TV. While champagne toasts are common, many Latvian families partake in a variety of traditional rituals to ensure good luck and prosperity in the New Year.