Latvia travel advice

Most visits to Latvia are trouble-free.

There have been reports of increased petty theft and robbery, including pickpocketing. There have also been reports of drinks being spiked in establishments and tourists being charged extortionate prices for drinks or having fraudulent transactions debited against credit/debit cards.


The regions of Latvia

Latvia lies at the crossroads where east meets west on the shores of the Baltic Sea. At the beginning of 2003, the population of Latvia stood at just under two and a half million and its territory covered 64 589 km².


Overview of Riga, Republic of Latvia

Riga lies on both banks of the river Daugava in the form of a circle and can roughly bedivided into two parts, the right and left side of the river. The right side of the city is where Old Riga, New Riga and other districts are located. The left part of the city is also called “Pārdaugava”, meaning “Across the Daugava," and suburbs and other districts are located on this side.