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Easter in Latvia


Easter is the peak of the Christian church year; the rest of the year is a prelude to the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, Advent time of expectant waiting for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus, Christmas and Fasting.


Everything has one goal, namely, preparing Christians for Easter celebration.

Latvia, however, is a country where almost every feast encompasses Christian and pagan traditions.

Easter is also time for celebrating the spring solstice, when, according to Latvian traditional beliefs and rituals, people try to help the soil wake up and become fertile, by encouraging its benevolence.

For the most part, in Latvia Easter celebrations take place in the central squares of the biggest cities, as well as in culture institutions and museums.

Traditional Easter activities include painting eggs with natural colours, egg rolling and egg battles, swinging in the highest place in the surroundings, predicting the weather and performing traditional ceremonies for promoting fertility and strengthening health.

During Easter, people can also attend concerts by folklore ensembles and other artists, go to church, visit special exhibitions, traditional fairs or attend cultural events.