Health care in New Zealand

Health care in New Zealand
To benefit from the public health system in New Zealand, you must hold a permanent resident visa, be resident of the country or hold a work permit of two years at the time of application. To check your eligibility, please take the test on the New Zealand Ministry of Health website. If you do not meet these requirements, you have to take out a private health insurance in New Zealand or an insurance for expatriates before departure. If you need an expatriate health insurance, ask for a free quotation online!


Health system

The public healthcare system provides free health care to patients in approved health centers. Private institutions are also available but health expenses there are fully charged to the patients. Waiting times for non-urgent care can be fairly long and many patients are going private in order to be treated faster.

The heathcare system is based on two organisms: The ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) and the “Publicly Funded Health and Disability Services”. The ACC is in charge of personal coverage insurance for nationals, but also permanent residents and visitors in the country in case of accidents or injuries. The Publicly Funded Health and Disability Services is in charge of personal coverage insurance in case of illness or disability.


General practitioner: between NZ $45 and NZ $55 for an adult

Dentist: a check-up by a dentist amounts between NZ $50 and NZ $90

Ambulance services: between NZ $45 and NZ $65.

Good to know:

If you wish to travel to New Zealand in the framework of the working holiday visa, remember that it is essential to provide a certificate of insurance that will cover you during your entire stay in the country. If you plan to stay more than 24 months in New Zealand, you must provide a medical certificate and an X-ray.