Yemen Health Care and Vaccinations

Yemen Health Care and Vaccinations
Health care facilities are relatively poor, especially outside major cities.


Major hospitals in Sana'a are: Al Jumhuriyya, Modern German Hospital, Saudi German Hospital, University of Science and Technology Hospital, and Al Thawra.

In Aden, there is the Al Jumhuriyya, Al Saber, the Saudi Hospital and the Refinery Hospital. Most large cities have a general hospital. Medical insurance is essential.

Food and drink:

Tap water is not safe to drink. Bottled water is readily available. Fresh milk is rarely available but when present it’s likely to be unpasteurised.

Similarly some dairy products may have been made using unpasturised milk – use common sense. Only eat well-cooked meat and fish, preferably served hot. Vegetables should be cooked and fruit peeled.

Other risks:

Avoid swimming and paddling in standing fresh water; swimming pools which are well chlorinated and maintained are safe. Vaccinations against tuberculosis and hepatitis B are sometimes advised.