Yemen food


Yemen food reflects the food habits of the people of Yemen. The staple food of Yemen is flat bread. The origin of the different cuisines of Yemen can be traced back to the ancient days, when the kings of Himyar and Saba ruled in Yemen. The Yemeni dishes are very tasty and very rich condiments are used while cooking.


In the ancient days, the South Arabian people used to import rich spices from India and nearby regions. While trading the condiments, gradually those were used as ingredients in various Yemeni dishes. This inclusion made the Yemen food tastier. The people of Yemen love to cook spicy dishes with lots of fresh herbs.

Yemen food generally includes the lavish use of condiments like cumin, saffron, coriander, turmeric, cardamom and fenugreek. A good number of red-hot chilies and garlic are also used in the cuisines of Yemen. The dishes are seasoned with fresh mint and coriander leaves.

People of Yemen love to consume meat. They prefer to eat lamb, beef and chicken. Meat is usually eaten either boiled or grilled. Generally, a broth or soup is prepared along with the dishes of meat. Yemen food also includes rice, lentils and cereals and fish is also consumed in the country. In Yemen, coffee is served at the end of a meal.

Yemen recipe includes a variety of tasty and healthy food. Yemen cuisine incorporates both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes along with some drinks. Recipes of Yemen are easy to cook at home too. The people of Yemen prefer spicy food and thus they have incorporated a number of condiments in their recipes. The Yemen recipe also includes a number of fresh herbs that enhances the flavors of the dishes.

Cuisines of Yemen include different preparation of meat. Yemenis love to consume beef, chicken and lamb. These dishes are cooked with lots of red chillies and an array of condiments. Onions, garlic and tomatoes are also used in the cooking. The meat is usually boiled or grilled.

The dishes are nicely garnished. Chicken cooked with melon is one of the favorite delicacies in Yemen. Mouth-watering dishes are made from roasted chicken. Fish is also cooked in different ways. The condiments that are mostly used in recipes of Yemen are turmeric, fenugreek, cardamom, cumin and saffron. Herbs like fresh mint leaves and leaves of coriander are also added to the spicy dishes.

There are a wholesome vegetarian dishes included in Yemen recipe. There are a variety of salads and baked dishes. Yemeni desserts like date balls and honey cake are favorite with the people of the country.