Yemen Education

Yemen education saw its expansion during the 1970's. Earlier, education in Yemen was very much biased as because of the gender difference, which was prevalent in Yemen.


Sana'a is the capital of Yemen

With Jebel Nugum towering over it, Sana'a sits on the narrowest point of a major mountain plateau, (2.286 metres) above sea level. The region's volcanic origin and regular rainfall make it fertile and it enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year with the occasional sharp frost in the small hours of winter nights. One legend tells of its founding by Shem the son of Noah.


Yemen food

Yemen food reflects the food habits of the people of Yemen. The staple food of Yemen is flat bread. The origin of the different cuisines of Yemen can be traced back to the ancient days, when the kings of Himyar and Saba ruled in Yemen. The Yemeni dishes are very tasty and very rich condiments are used while cooking.