Yemen Education

Yemen Education
Yemen education saw its expansion during the 1970's. Earlier, education in Yemen was very much biased as because of the gender difference, which was prevalent in Yemen.


Education was mostly imparted to boys at the religious schools where children were only
asked to remember the Koran.

However, the education system in Yemen started to improve only after the northern and southern regions of Yemen united.

Education in Yemen consists of basic education (9 years) and secondary education (9 years).

There were about 2,699,788 students and 90,478 teachers in Yemen in the year 1997.

The students received Intermediate School Certificate after nine years of their schooling. Secondary schooling continues for 3 years.

After passing the Secondary school examination, the pupils receive General Secondary Education Certificate also called 'Al Thanawiya'.

Yemen education provides scope for higher studies as well. Students enroll themselves at the universities, which takes a total of 4 years for completion. However, the time taken to complete medical studies and engineering is about 5 to 6 years.

Schools in Yemen

American School of Sana'a, Yemen

Yemen Language Center

Turkish International Schools - Junior Section

American International School of Sanaa, Yemen

Sanaa Institute of Arabic Language, Yemen

Universities in Yemen

Sana'a University

University of Science and Technology Sana'a

University of Aden - Faculty of Education

TCL Yemen - Tayba Center for Languages

Queen Arwa University

Al-Ahgaff University

Lebanese International University