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Government of Thailand


The Government of Thailand, or formally the Royal Thai Government (RTG), is the unitary government of the Kingdom of Thailand. Thailand has been a constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy system since 1932. The country has existed in some form since the 13th century, but the country emerged as a modern nation state after the foundation of the Chakri Dynasty and the city of Bangkok in 1782. The Revolution of 1932 brought an end to absolute monarchy and replaced it with a system of constitutional monarchy.


From then on the democratic system has been weak and the country was ruled by a succession of military leaders installed after coups d’etat, the most recent in May 2014. Under the 2007 Constitution (drafted by a military appointed council, but approved by a referendum) the present structure of the Government of Thailand was established.

Thailand has so far had seventeen Constitutions; however the basic structure of government has remained the same. The Government of Thailand is made up of three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary, the system of government is modelled after the Westminster system. All branches of the government are located within Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

As of December 2014 Thailand is ruled by a military junta, the National Council for Peace and Order, which has partially repealed the 2007 constitution, declared martial law and nationwide curfew, banned political gatherings, arrested and detained politicians and anti-coup activists, imposed internet censorship and taken control of the media.