Drinks of Thailand


Coming to rest in any exotic country, we always want to try new experiences, from an unusual nature, exotic animals, to become acquainted with the historical and cultural life of the country, we have come to rest.


Culinary traditions of each country are not less interesting and every one of us is always in the presented opportunity to enjoy sometimes it is not usual for us delicious food and drinks. Thailand provides gourmet from around the world a great opportunity to experience and enjoy all the pleasures of the national Thai food and their drinks.

On rest in Thailand remember in any case you can not drink water from the tap, tap water is only for technical purposes. In all supermarkets in Thailand selling bottled water in various capacities and costs very little, and there you will find a large selection of soft drinks.

In Thai restaurants, bars and in the street offers an incredible variety of drinks and shakes that are made from natural fruits. Thais use the juice with a little salt, when you buy juice on the street do not want to inform the seller you do not add salt, Thai Since it sounds like this: "May sai klya."

In Thailand, a big draw juice of sugar cane, which is great thirst quencher, it is served in restaurants for dishes with curry and rice, and in any restaurant you will always offer this drink. Also encourage you to try watermelon (watermelon shake) shake or mango (mango shake), they cost from 40 to 80 baht and cool quench their thirst, and in addition are very tasty. Serve them with ice and straw-spoon, which is wonderful drawn watermelon or mango - soft mixture.

Also, in every cafe and bar serves juices of pineapple, mango, guava, coconut and many other fruits. Common name of the juice Since Thai sounds - "nam phonlamay". When you order a juice, add to it the name of the fruit, eg nam- "Mans" - lemon juice, we - "teng mo" - watermelon juice. If you want to order, fresh squeezed juice, Thai it is called "Nam Khan" like us (water) "saparot" (pineapple), "han" (squeezed) - fully squeezed pineapple juice, orange juice squeezed sounds - "we som han" if you want to juice with ice ask "we pan", the juice of papaya in Thai will be - "we malako pan."

In Thai cuisine, there is a fresh dessert, which actually is a good aphrodisiac. Just imagine - basil seeds in coconut milk! Cook it pretty simple, but for this you have to get real coconuts (it's not quite what we sold in stores), sweet Thai basil and palm sugar ... Basil seeds put in the water, stir and let stand for ten minutes, then drain the water, and the seeds spread out into cups. 

Chop cleaver coconuts, liquid drain (it can be used for the preparation of soft drinks), and part of the flesh with a spoon, remove the seeds and mix with basil. Prepare coconut cream, dissolve them in palm sugar (to taste), pour it into cups with basil seeds, chill and serve.

Coffee. It is consumed much less than tea. If you ask for the coffee, it's likely you will be served instant Nescafe. This espresso is hardly to find, except that Sarica Suriwong Road in Bangkok. Black cold coffee sold in bottles in most stores. In case of loss of strength and fatigue Thais prefer vitamin concentrate "Lipovitan, which is recommended to drink water.