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Administrative divisions of Qatar


Since 2004, Qatar has been divided into seven municipalities (Arabic: baladiyah).


1.Madinat ash Shamal
2.Al Khor
3.Umm Salal
4.Al Daayen
5.Al Rayyan
7.Al Wakrah

A new municipality, Al Daayen, was created under Resolution No. 13, formed from parts of Umm Salal and Al Khawr; at the same time, Al Ghuwariyah was merged with Al Khawr; Al Jumaliyah was merged with Ar Rayyan; Jarayan al Batnah was split between Ar Rayyan and Al Wakrah; and Mesaieed was merged with Al Wakrah.

For statistical purposes, the municipalities are further subdivided into 98 zones (as of 2010), which are in turn subdivided into blocks.