Christmas in Maldives

Christmas in Maldives
During Christmas in Maldives, one of the most important things is to show love and respect to Jesus. The natives buy beautiful gifts for offering to Jesus and give it out to the loved-ones.


Birthday of Jesus is celebrated around 8 or 9 O'clock on 25th December. In Maldives, it is the custom of presenting gifts on the platform situated close to Communion table during Christmas festivals.

All the Maldives people embellish their homes with pine branches, along with Christmas fir tree during Christmas gala. In order to gather beautiful and attractive Christmas presents, small Maldivian kids throng the gift stores.

Another chief custom of Christmas celebration in Maldives is to purchase new set of clothes for church services. Maldivians go out for Christmas celebrations with their family and enjoy a number of exciting games or sunlight bathing.

The natives go for Christmas dinner or for al fresco lunch. The Maldives people decorate their houses with vibrant colors and beautiful laces. The Christmas tree and Santa’s figure is carved out and set in the houses.

You can also spend your Christmas vacation by indulging in some adventurous activities. Jet skiing and Scuba diving make for exciting options.

So, if you are thinking where to spend your Christmas this season, you can head for Maldives. You will surely love to spend your Christmas here.