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Brunei Government


Brunei has a constitutional sultanate type of government which operates on the basis of the constitution of Brunei.


It lays down the structure, organizational features and the functions of Brunei government.

His Majesty, the sultan of Brunei, is the executive head of Brunei government.

Since the independence of Brunei, the sultan has been serving as the Prime Minister of Brunei.

The government of Brunei has three branches, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

The monarch of Brunei is the chief of state as well as the head of the government. He is assisted by the cabinet, another part of the executive branch.

The legislature is made up of the legislative council.

The Supreme Court along with other courts form the judiciary.

Brunei's government consists of various ministries which are all headed by His Majesty.

Brunei is divided into four administrative districts which constitute a significant aspect of the Brunei government.