New Year in Bhutan (Losar)

New Year in Bhutan (Losar)
New Year in Bhutan is one of the major festivals of the country. Like its neighbor, India Bhutanese people also welcome New Year with open hands. The English New year and the local New Year are celebrated with equal grandeur.


The local New Year in Bhutan is celebrated for 15 days.The first three days are the most important days of celebration.

Bhutan New Year is locally known as the Losar.

During the lunar New Year in Bhutan , the people celebrate it by following different traditional customs.

The best aspect of the New Year in Bhutan is the archery competitions arranged across the country. People actively participate in these events.

Archery competitions are very common in Bhutan but the biggest competitions take place during New Year in Bhutan.

Bhutanese culture is highly influenced by Buddhist traditions.

Every village of Bhutan arranges archery competitions on New Year.

The New Year day starts with a conventional breakfast and some traditional initiation ceremonies.The New Year in Bhutan falls sometimes in February or March.

Alcohol is also an important feature of the New Year celebrations.

During the archery competitions the opposite teams try to distract the archer by arranging several diversionary games.

Obscene comments are whispered on the ears of the opposition teams and people even dance in front of the target to perturb the archer.

The archers taking part in the competitions held in New Year in Bhutan are separated from their womenfolk the night before the contest.

New Year in Bhutan is celebrated with great enthusiasm.