Festivals in Zambia

Festivals in Zambia
Festivals in Zambia are the ideal occasions for merry making in the country. The country of Zambia includes a colorful and diverse culture. You will get a glimpse of the wonderful culture of the region in the Festivals in Zambia. The culture of Zambia is of contemporary type that includes a wonderful blend of values and traditions. The Zambian Festivals are the major source of entertainment for the local people of the region.


The Festivals in Zambia very well portray the diverse culture of the region. The culture of the region is of 70 ethnically diverse people. The region of Zambia was inhabitant by several groups of people those came to this region in search of new kingdoms, farming land and pastures. The Major Festivals in Zambia are generally celebrated in traditional way.

 The Kazanga ceremony is considered as the most popular and oldest Festivals in Zambia. This festival is celebrated by the Nkoya people for over 500 years in a very traditional way. In this festival you will get the glimpse of Nkoya traditions of music, dance and many other old rituals.

The Nc'wala Ceremony (February )

Nc'wala Ceremony, Zambia is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated in Zambia. This land is a popular tourist spot and tourists throng the place throughout the year for the varied attractions that the place offers. You can hope to have a great time exploring the region. There are beautiful beaches and some of the best game reserves of the region also lie in Zambia.The people of the region lead a vibrant life. They celebrate many festivals throughout the year out of which Nc'wala Ceremony, Zambia is an important event.

Nc'wala Ceremony, Zambia is mostly celebrated by the Ngoni tribe. The Ngoni people reside in the eastern edge of Zambia which is close to Chipata. The Ngoni people who are the inhabitants of Zambia did not stay there from before. Initially they stayed in South Africa. When they shifted from there, they won many victories over other tribes. The Nc'wala Ceremony, Zambia is held to celebrate the glorious deeds of the tribe. The ceremony starts with the tasting of the first fruit of the year by the chief of the Ngoni tribe. This is followed by much singing and dancing. There are speeches that are given by the members of the community. There is also a grand feast laid out for the entire community.

Nc'wala Ceremony, Zambia is celebrated at the end of February every year. It is a big traditional party. The dancers dance to the rhythmic beats of drums. They engage in repetitive movements with the beat of the drums. It creates a unique atmosphere of music and motion. The people of the tribe are dressed in leopard skins and they carry accessories like clubs, shields and feathers. A bull is killed and the chief of the community drinks the blood of the animal and the celebrations start. The members of the Ngoni tribe then rush at the dead animal and tear at the carcass and cut out chunks of the meat.

Nc'wala Ceremony, Zambia is designed to bring the members of the community close to ach other. It strengthens the bonds among the members of the community.

The Kuomboka Festival (Feb/March)

Kuomboka Festival, Zambia is one of the alluring festivals of the country that sees a huge influx of tourists every year. While you go for Zambia Tours, you can spend your time in sightseeing the attractive places, shopping and other activities. You can also indulge yourself at the great festivals of the country. Among all the ceremonies and festivals, Kuomboka Festival, Zambia is the most attractive one for all.

Zambia has over 20 yearly conventional ceremonies displaying the social customs, communal life, rituals, verbal history, material and religious culture. These festivals and ceremonies provide a precious insight to the conventional traditions that has been derived from generation to generation. Kuomboka Festival, Zambia is one of the most attractive festivals among them.

Most ceremonies have a profound significance in several cases decorated to call upon the memories of the conversion from childhood to adulthood. The Kuomboka Festival, Zambia is the most popular of the ceremonies that takes place in the Western Province of Zambia. This festival is celebrated during the month of February or March. Sometimes, this festival is celebrated on a Thursday just before full moon. The exact date would only be known just a week or so in advance since the Lozi king determined upon it. Today, the ceremony of Kuomboka Festival, Zambia draws several visitors every year. This is usually held at Easter; if the water levels are not high enough, then the ceremony will not take place at all.

The name of Kuomboka Festival, Zambia actually means "to get out of the water onto dry ground". Each year towards the last part of the rainy season as the flood plain of the upper Zambezi valley increases, the Lozi people create a traditional move to higher ground. When the Chief of the country decides that it’s time to leave, the signal of drums is given to all the people. They bundle their things into canoes and the entire ethnic group leaves all together. The chief leaves on his flatboat with his family and a crowd of conventionally dressed paddlers go on the lead. The journey takes around six hours to encompass the space between the dry season capital Lealui and the rainy season of capital Limulunga.

Kuomboka Festival, Zambia is thus celebrated with conventional singing and dancing. This ceremony was first started on 300 years back, when the Lozi people escaped from the great Lunda Empire to reach and settle in the upper areas of the Zambezi. The huge plains with plethora of fish was perfect for arrangement but the yearly floods could not be restricted, so each year they go to higher land until the rainy season passes.

Likumbi Lya Mize (July)

This ceremony takes place at Mize, the official palace of Senior Chief Ndungu, about seven kilometres west of Zambezi Boma. People of the Luvale tribe gather to celebrate their cultural heritage, bringing displays of all types of handicrafts and spicing the event with traditional singing and dancing.

Umutomboko (July)

This is an annual celebration held in Zambia’s Luapula Province, chief Kazembeis area. It is held in a specially prepared arena, close to the Ng’ona River, and is accompanied by feasting and celebrations.

Shimunenga (Sept/October)

Held on a weekend of the full moon this traditional ceremony, held by the Ba-lla tribe at Maala on the Kafue Flats, express the people’s devotion to their divine ancestors.

Livingstone Cultural & Arts Festival (September)

Livingstone Festival, Zambia is one of the famous festivals in Zambia. In fact, it is the biggest festival of Zambia. A historic colonial city, Livingstone is presently the capital of the Southern Province of Zambia. The Livingstone Festival is celebrated in this historic city. This annual festival in the country aims at displaying Zambian talent in every area of arts. It also aspires to bring in famous acts from overseas. Thus, tourists make it a point to witness the Livingstone Festival, Zambia on their tour to Zambia.

On the occasion of the Livingstone Festival, Zambia the streets of Livingstone are specked by performance artists, theatrical troupes, music groups, jugglers and clowns. The site of the festival is situated just a few kilometers from the Victoria Falls. Presence of this well-known tourist spot makes this festival even more popular. The festival generally takes place in the month of August.

The Livingstone Festival, Zambia for the year 2008 has various attractions. Famous performance artists from Britain, Anne Bean and Zhenya Iljon, who have created a wonderful blend of music, sculpture and performance, are supposed to put up a show at the festival. The festival that is supposed to take place in 2008 will feature performance by Andrew Buckland and Lionel Newton - two award-winning South African actors. They will present The Wellbeing, a performance that has received accolades in Stockholm and at the Harare International Festival of the Arts.