Subdivisions of Zambia

Zambia is divided into ten provinces, each administered by an appointed deputy minister. Each province is divided into several districts with a grand total of 89 districts.


Education In Zambia

Broadly, Zambian education can be split into two; Public education and Private education. Under private education, we can also add religious education. But, a larger percentage of the education system in Zambia is made up of public institutions.In public schools (and some private schools), the normal dress code is the school uniform.


Healthcare in Zambia

The general state of healthcare in Zambia is poor. Although there are adequate private health facilities in Lusaka, the public health system remains heavily underfunded, and many expats requiring serious medical attention will find themselves evacuated to another country, such as South Africa, where there are better medical facilities. It’s essential that expats have a comprehensive health insurance policy before moving to Zambia.