Festivals in Zambia

Festivals in Zambia are the ideal occasions for merry making in the country. The country of Zambia includes a colorful and diverse culture. You will get a glimpse of the wonderful culture of the region in the Festivals in Zambia. The culture of Zambia is of contemporary type that includes a wonderful blend of values and traditions. The Zambian Festivals are the major source of entertainment for the local people of the region.


Politics of Zambia

The politics of Zambia takes place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic, whereby the President of Zambia is head of state, head of government and leader of a multi-party system.


Сlimate of Zambia

The general height of the land gives Zambia a more pleasant climate than that experienced in most tropical countries. There are three seasons – cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to November, and warm and wet from December to April. Only in the Valleys of the Zambezi and Luangwa is there excessive heat, particularly in October and, in the wet season, a high humidity.