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Culture Of Mauritania


Mauritania is famous for the local handicrafts. These handicrafts include colored cushions made of leather, inscribed Silver works; woodcarvings, carpet art etc. Besides these, Silver jewelry, silver chests and some other crafts are also very popular in the country. Neolithic arrowheads, awls and pottery are practiced in the Tagant regions of he country.


Culture: Islamic Republic of Mauritania has developed a very rich cultural atmosphere in the presence of the various ethnic groups. Customs and traditions of the other tribes and races except Islam, have also been accepted in Mauritanian culture. The cultural activities also include the activities of the other castes and tribes living in this country. 

• Music: In Mauritania most of the musicians are from the caste known as iggawin. In the ancient era, these people used to work as messengers from one village to the other.They used to sing to encourage the warriors. 

Some of the musical instruments that are used in the Mauritanian music are tidinit (a lute with four strings), ardin (especially an instrument of women shaped like kora) etc. Tbal is another king of drum that is used as a Percussion instrument. Another one the same group is the daghumma or a rattle.