Festivals and Events in Cameroon

Festivals and Events in Cameroon
There are various festivals in Cameroon that are celebrated with enthusiasm! Some of the important festivals in Cameroon are Ngondo Festival, Nyem-Nyem Annual Festival and Medumba Festival apart from the usual ones like New Year’s Day, Labour Day and Easter including some of the local events like Youth Day on February 11, National Day on May 20 and Sheep Festival on August 15.


Ngondo Festival is celebrated in the coastal areas of Cameroon and the Wouri River is the focal point of the festival.

 Celebrations include traditional dances, choral music, handicraft exhibition, a canoe parade and race, and a carnival. Another popular festival in Cameroon is the Nyem-Nyem Festival and the celebrations include traditional song and dance programmes.

 Medumba Festival is held every two years in Bangangte area of Cameroon and is basically a platform to promote Medumba language and the artworks of the 13 villages in the locality.