Health in Cameroon

The Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon is responsible for the maintenance of all public health services. Many missionaries maintain health and leprosy centers.


Drinks in Cameroon

Although coffee is grown as a cash crop in certain parts of Cameroon, locals more often drink the instant variety. Coffee stalls open up early in the morning, serving locals with bread and fillings for breakfast. Later in the day, tea and green tea are more popular as a hot drink.


Education in Cameroon

Education is free in state schools and compulsory between ages 6 and 12. Government funds are available to mission and private schools. Most secondary schools have been made bilingual, with instruction in both French and English. Working alongside the public schools are the missionary schools, which have been extremely important in the history of Cameroonian education. As of 1999, public expenditure on education was estimated at 2.6% of GDP.