Education in Algeria

Education in Algeria
Education is officially compulsory for children between the ages of six and fifteen. Approximately 5% of the adult population of the country is illiterate.


In Algeria there are 43 universities, 10 colleges, and 7 institutes for higher learning. The University of Algiers (founded in 1909) has about 267,142 students. The Algerian school system is structured into Basic, General Secondary, and Technical Secondary levels:


Ecole fondamentale (Fundamental School)
Length of program: nine years
Age range: six to fifteen
Certificate/diploma awarded: Brevet d'Enseignement Moyen B.E.M.

General Secondary

Lycée d'Enseignement général (School of General Teaching), lycées polyvalents (General-Purpose School)
Length of program: three years
Age range: 15 to 18
Certificate/diploma awarded: Baccalauréat de l'Enseignement secondaire
(Bachelor's Degree of Secondary School)

Technical Secondary

Lycées d'Enseignement technique (Technical School)
Length of program: three years
Certificate/diploma awarded: Baccalauréat technique (Technical Bachelor's Degree)