Medicine in Gibraltar

Medicine in Gibraltar
Gibraltar Health care facilities are available at various public wards, hospitals and clinics that are located in this European country. There are also some primary health care centers in Gibraltar. The British national can avail free Gibraltar Health care services at the Rock. The free treatment can be however availed only till a stay of thirty days.


The Gibraltar Health care facilities are free of cost for the citizens belonging to the United Kingdom, specially at the St Bernard's Hospital.

The Casemates Health Center in Gibraltar is also free for the United Kingdoms nationals.

Those people who belong to the EEA can also avail similar services related to Gibraltar Health Care, however they have to produce a European Health Insurance Card.

Some of the important facts related to Gibraltar Health care include the following:

  • The infant mortality rate is that of 5.22 per one thousand live births
  • The life expectancy at birth of the females is that of 82.96 years
  • The life expectancy at birth of the males is equal to 77.05 years.
  • The most popular several hospital which is an integral part of the Gibraltar Health care program is that of St. Bernard Hospital.

King George V Hospital is the most famous mental hospital in the land of Gibraltar.