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Gibraltar Geography


Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory in southern Europe.

The Gibraltar geography is typical of that region. The territory occupies a total area of 6.543 square kilometers.


The Gibraltar geography shares common geological characteristics with the adjacent Spanish territory.

The geography in Gibraltar displays a lack of marketable natural resources. Freshwater is in short supply.

Drinkable water comes from natural wells located in the northern part of the territory.

This lack of usable water has forced the local administration to commission two desalination plants.

The geography of Gibraltar includes a 1.2 kilometer long border with Spain.

Gibraltar possess some excellent beaches.

The beach is 12 kilometers in length. Gibraltar possess two coasts. The two coasts are the West Side coast and the East Side Coast.

The East Side coast enclose the urban areas of Catalan Bay and Sandy Bay. Majority of the resident population resides on the West Side coast of the territory.