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Vanuatu Attractions


The spectacular tropical island of Vanuatu offers a variety of activities and attractions, from simply relaxing on the beach or by the resort pool to a variety of water sports including swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing and parasailing. While it’s easy to spend much of your time soaking up the sun and sand, there are some fantastic Vanuatu attractions unique to each island destination and well worth a visit to gain an insight into the history, culture and rare natural environment that exists in this tropical paradise.


Located on Tanna Island, Mount Yasur is perhaps one of the most famous Vanuatu attractions. An active volcano measuring 361m above sea level, Mount Yasur is located on the southeast tip of Tanna Island, along the coast near Sulphur Bay. Although safe to approach, Mount Yasur has been almost continuously erupting since discovered by Captain Cook in 1774. An amazing sight to see, Mount Yasur frequently erupts with small, violent explosions from the 400m wide summit and is not to be missed on any visit to Vanuatu.

Situated on the main island of Efate, just 10km from Port Vila, the Mele Cascade waterfalls are an incredible natural attraction that can be seen on your own or as part of a guided tour. Unbelievably clear water sits in sparkling aquamarine pools as you make your way up to the falls along a small path that can at times be slippery and a little steep but the amazing views of the 35m falls are more than reward enough.

On the nearby island of Espiritu Santo, there are also a number of popular Vanuatu attractions including the stunning Champagne Beach, named for its pristine powdery sand and clear turquoise effervescent water. There’s also the awe-inspiring Blue Holes which are a naturally-formed swimming hole with almost magical brilliant blue waters caused by fresh water springs rising through limestone.