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Population of Tonga


The population of Tonga is 106,146 (July 2011 est.). 37.2% are under 15, 56.7% 15 to 64, and 6.1% over 64. The birth rate is 24.7/1000, the death rate is 4.88/1000, and the net migration rate is -17.9/1,000.


At birth, the sex ratio in Tonga is 1.03 males/female; the ratio in the total population is 1.01 males/female. The 2006 Tongan census gave a fertility rate of 4.2 children/woman,although the 2011 World Factbook estimate is 3.55 children/woman.

Most of the Tongan population is Polynesian, with about 300 Europeans.

Christianity is the predominant religion in Tonga, with 37.3% of the population belonging to the Free Wesleyan Church, 16.8% Mormon, 15.6% Free Church of Tonga, and 11.3% Roman Catholic. Other Christian denominations make up 14%. Other religions make up 4% of the population, while 1% claim no affiliation.


The indigenous languages of the Kingdom of Tonga are the two Austronesian languages of Tongan and Niuafo'ou. Along with Tongan, English is also an official language.

98.5% of the Tongan population can read and write either English or Tongan, as of 1996.