Drinks of Tonga

Drinks of Tonga
Tonga is lively well into the evening, generally becoming suddenly very quiet at around 23:00. Expect to see people walking around until late. Beer and liquor are available from many outlets, including Fijian, Australian and New Zealand imports to complement the local brews. If you are keen to check out native drink, try Kava (something like liquid novacaine) at least once.


The local beer is called Ikale and is sold in 330mL bottles in most restaurants and bars (TOP4.50-5). Or you can buy the same bottles from one of the many 'Chinese' roadside shops or a supermarket for TOP2 or less. Imported beers are mainly from Australia although there are also some from Europe. Most are sold in 330mL cans or bottles.

The legal drinking age is 18.