Christmas in Bangladesh

Christmas in Bangladesh
In the sixteenth century Christianity brought to the historic region of Bengal (now divided between Bangladesh and India) by Portuguese traders and missionaries. Aside from Bengali Christians, a significant number of the population in Bangladesh are Christians.


Christians exchanged gifts and cards to express their Christmas greetings to one another, before Christmas.

Like other countries Bangladesh people also like to decorate their house with candles, Christmas trees and coloured papers.

People go to the church to attain the special prayer session on Christmas Eve.

In Bangladesh, Christmas, called "Bara Din (Big Day)" is celebrated by Bengali Christians.

When Christmas day arrives, people go to church before they commence the celebration. The day is known as a national holiday and it is formally celebrated by the President of Bangladesh.

Bengali Christians greet friends and family by saying ‘Shubho Boro Din’, which means Greetings of the Great Day, and offer traditional sweets and pithas (traditional Bengali cakes).

They decorate their homes with local handmade decorations a hang artificial stars on their rooftops to signify the stars of Bethlehem.

Christian villagers also cut banana trees and replant them in pairs along the paths that lead from their homes to the Church.

The leaves of the trees are bent to form an arch. These bamboos burn to illuminate their way to the Church for the unique service. Several day-long large gatherings are held at the churches, functions include illumination of churches, decorating Christmas trees and other Christian festivities.

The main towns and ‘middle class’ communities also celebrate Christmas by decorating hotels, cafes and festive style theme parks.

Five star hotels in the city also arrange special Christmas programs where Santa distributes gifts among the children.

Tribal communities follow their own tradition slightly different from the Bengali tradition. TV channels telecast special programs and newspapers publish special supplement to mark this occasion.

Breakfast at Christmas consist of food like cakes, pitha, paes, semai, or sandwich.Different vegetables, mutton, chicken, pork, or beef are selected for lunch and dinner with delicious fruits, soft drinks, and ice creams.

Bangladesh have lots of unique traditions and food, but also follow suite in the worldwide traditions such as church going and exchange of gifts and food.

There is a diverse range of celebrations in Bangladesh as the traditions change throughout the tribal towns to the urban locations.