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Provinces of Rwanda


The Provinces of Rwanda, called intara, are further divided into districts (akarere) and municipalities (umujyi). Prior to January 1, 2006, Rwanda was composed of twelve provinces; however, the Rwandan Government decided to establish new provinces in an attempt to address issues that arose from the Rwandan Genocide of 1994.


The first goal was to decentralise power, since it was felt Rwanda's centralised governing system was a contributing factor in aiding the genocide. Second, the new provinces are more multiethnic than the previous twelve, helping to weaken ethnic divisions. Finally, the new provinces will not have the associations the previous twelve did with events from the genocide.Until 2002, the provinces were called prefectures (perefegitura).

Since January 1, 2006, the five provinces of Rwanda are:

Kigali(Capital:Kigali City, Area:730km2, Population:1,132,686)
Southern(Capital:Nyanza, Area:5,963km2, Population:2,589,975)
Western(Capital:Kibuye, Area:5,883km2, Population:2,471,239)
Northern(Capital:Byumba, Area:3,276km2, Population:1,726,370)
Eastern(Capital:Rwamagana, Area:9,458km2, Population:2,595,703)