Alcoholic beverages in Namibia


With a beer culture the equal of anything in the UK, Namibia has endless varieties of beer, many traditional African millet versions. Despite the desert heat, the country has recently started making its own wine – most of which is excellent.


  • Windhoek lager (drunk by everyone, the perfect ice-cool sundowner).
  • Oshikundu (a yeasty-tasting millet beer that is brewed and drunk the same day).
  • Neuras Namib red wine (dubbed the driest vineyard in the world, Neuras is only possible because of a unique set of underground springs. Produced to South African standards, both the Shiraz and Namib red are excellent).
  • DAS Pilsner (light beer that is considered a soft drink in Namibia and even forms part of the breakfast menu).
  • Mataku (strong fortified watermelon 'wine found in northern Namibia; comes in non-alcoholic version).


Drinking age: 18