Festivals and Events in Namibia

There are various festivals in Namibia that are celebrated with great enthusiasm! Some of the important festivals that are celebrated with immense zeal include the New Year’s Day in January, Independence Day and Easter in March, Windhoek Karneval in the month of April, Kuste Karneval and Maharero Day (Heroes’ Day) in August, Oktoberfest in the month of October, Christmas and Family Day in the month of December.


Population of Namibia

Namibia Population is figured to be around 2,055,080 people according to the latest Census. The population of Namibia is divided in the rural and the urban areas of the country of Namibia. Population of Namibia comprises of mixed races of people. One of the major races living in the country of Namibia is Ovambo. The major occupation of this clan is agriculture.


Alcoholic beverages in Namibia

With a beer culture the equal of anything in the UK, Namibia has endless varieties of beer, many traditional African millet versions. Despite the desert heat, the country has recently started making its own wine – most of which is excellent.