Soft drinks in Namibia

Canned soft drinks, from Diet Coke to sparkling apple juice, are available ice cold from just about anywhere – which is fortunate, considering the amount that you'll need to drink in this climate. They cost about N$2 each, and can be kept cold in insulating polystyrene boxes made to hold six cans.


Geography of Namibia

At 824,292 km2 (318,261 sq mi),Namibia is the world's thirty-fourth largest country (after Venezuela). After Mongolia, Namibia is the least densely populated country in the world (2.7 inhabitants per square kilometre (7.0/sq mi)).


Festivals and Events in Namibia

There are various festivals in Namibia that are celebrated with great enthusiasm! Some of the important festivals that are celebrated with immense zeal include the New Year’s Day in January, Independence Day and Easter in March, Windhoek Karneval in the month of April, Kuste Karneval and Maharero Day (Heroes’ Day) in August, Oktoberfest in the month of October, Christmas and Family Day in the month of December.