Soft drinks in Namibia

Soft drinks in Namibia
Canned soft drinks, from Diet Coke to sparkling apple juice, are available ice cold from just about anywhere – which is fortunate, considering the amount that you'll need to drink in this climate. They cost about N$2 each, and can be kept cold in insulating polystyrene boxes made to hold six cans.


These cheap containers are invaluable if you have a vehicle, and are not taking a large cool box with you. They cost about N$50 and are available from some big hardware or camping stores. If you are on a self-drive trip, these are an essential buy in your first few days. 


The water in Namibia's main towns is generally safe to drink, though it may taste a little metallic if it has been piped for miles. Natural sources should usually be purified, though water from underground springs and dry riverbeds seldom causes any problems.