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Sightseeing places in Gabon


Libreville, the capital of Gabon, is one of the most expensive cities on the African continent with up market bars, elegant French restaurants and pricey boutiques though it is almost impossible to buy very much because of the prohibitive costs.


But sightseeing does not cost all that much and it is a charming coastal city abutting the Atlantic Ocean. Check out the Musee des Arts et Tradition with its display of indigenous art, musical instruments and masks, L’Eglise St.Michel in N’Kembo that is a beautiful church building that is covered with mosaics and local wood carvings depicting stories from the Bible.

 There are a few hotels where you can stay and the rates are moderate to high compared to other cities. The beaches around the city are very attractive and trips to the Cap Esterias are high point on any traveller’s iterinary. Ride a taxi across the estuary to Pointe Denis where visitors can stay a night and enjoy the rustic atmosphere, good food and entertainment and maybe a bit of deep-sea angling. 

Lambarene, Gabon’s third largest city is built on an island in the middle of Ogooue River. Its biggest attraction is Schweitzer Hospital that houses all the records of Dr. Albert Schweitzer including his library and laboratory. 

Lambarene also offers its visitors some spectacular wild life. A pirogue trip into the lake area takes you to see large herds of hippos. 

The Reserve de La Lope is the best game park in Gabon and the easiest place to find the wildlife though you will need to have your own vehicle to go around and moving on foot is not allowed.

The park consists of open savannah and small dense forest, beside the riverbeds. Game and wildlife include elephants, buffaloes, sitatunga, river hogs, gorillas, panthers, crocodiles, monkeys and parrots. In the Sette-Cama, Iguela and N'Dende zones, hunters can hire experienced guides for both big game expeditions or for regular sight seeing. The Wonga-Wongue and the Moukalaba are the two other national parks with plenty of native fauna.