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Overview of Uruguay


Officially name: The Oriental Republic of Uruguay and is sometimes known as the Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Capital: Montevideo

Largest city: Montevideo

Official language: Spanish

Government: Presidential republic


Uruguay is a country located in the south eastern part of South America. Uruguay's only land border is with Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the north. To the west lie the Uruguay River and to the southwest lies the estuary of Río de la Plata with Argentina only a short commute across the banks of either of these bodies of water, while to the southeast lies the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean.


Total 176,215 km2 (90th)
Water (%) 1.5


2009 estimate 3,494,382 (131st)
Density 19.8/km2 (195th)
51.4/sq mi

Currency: Uruguayan peso ($, UYU) (UYU)

Time zone

Summer (DST) UYST (UTC-2)

Drives on the right

Internet TLD: .uy

Calling code: +598