Alcoholic drinks in Uruguay

Uruguay has a 250-year-old history of wine production. The predominating local grape is tannat. Not a subtle grape, it has a hard and, as the name suggests, a tannic edge when young. Blending tannat with merlot doesn't help much.


Culture of Uruguay

The culture of Uruguay is diverse in its nature since the nation's population is one of multicultural origins. The country has an impressive legacy of artistic and literary traditions, especially for its small size. The contribution of its alternating conquerors, Spain and Portugal, and diverse immigrants - Italians, Germans, Swiss, Russians, Jews, and Armenians, among others - has resulted in traditions that integrate this diversity with Native American elements. Uruguay has centuries-old remains and fortresses of the colonial era.


Overview of Uruguay

Officially name: The Oriental Republic of Uruguay and is sometimes known as the Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Capital: Montevideo

Largest city: Montevideo

Official language: Spanish

Government: Presidential republic