Alcoholic drinks in Uruguay


Uruguay has a 250-year-old history of wine production. The predominating local grape is tannat. Not a subtle grape, it has a hard and, as the name suggests, a tannic edge when young. Blending tannat with merlot doesn't help much.


Older oak (roble) aged tannats or those blended with cabernet sauvignon or cab franc show more complexity. Local wineries include Juanico, with a lighter style for current consumption, and Pisano with more structured wines better in older vintages. For beer drinkers, the local beers Pilsen or Zimmerthal served in .66 litter bottles complement the local cuisine nicely.

GrappamielGrappamiel or Grapamiel or is a mixed alcoholic beverage popular in Uruguay containing grappa, spirits obtained from various grains plus honey and water.

The legal drinking age is 18.